1. Create a game account - Download the game

Welcome farmers to the land of Farm Me, please follow us to download the game. First you need a Metamask wallet to link Aurora network to create a game account:

→ Details on how to create a game account :https://youtu.be/Q6dbpu_fJPo
After you have finished creating an account, download the game
Step 1: Access the website: https://farmme.io

Step 2: Select Play Game

Step 3: Choose to download PC or Mobile Android

With the initial preparation done, let's join the journey of a real farmer.

2. Log in to the game

To start playing the game, you need 1 Hero and 1 Land. You can buy Hero and Land on Farm Me's market (See instructions to buy NFT at: https://marketplace.farmme.io/)
Step 1: Login Email and enter Password

Step 2: Choose Hero and Land

After logging in to the game, we will introduce the interface of Farm Me land where farmers have to work hard ^^!

That's ok, the farmers look in the order shown on the picture, let's start introducing the interface of our farm.


1. Energy bar

2. Amount of experience

3. Key L: Daily Quest

4. Key T: A guide to everything about the land of Farm Me
5. $ME

6. Key P: Setting
Key i: Farm Newfeed
Key E: MailBox

7. Instructions: Right-click when chatting with NPC

8. Instructions: Left-click when performing operations in Farm Me
9. Key V: hide/ show toolbar
10. Bar shows operations in Farm ME (corresponding to the numbers on the keyboard for farmers to perform more easily)

11. Key B: hide/show pocket

12. NPC Kenvin’s Shop: buy/sell seeds, energy-boosting food

3. Receive $Me at Mailbox (Key E)

Each new account is randomly received from 110 $Me to 350 $ME via Mailbox (Key E). You can use this $ME to buy seeds and food from NPC Shop.

4. Daily Quest (Key L)

To become rich, the farmers do not skip the Daily Quest with 9 tasks. Because the rewards from the Daily Quest for each farmer are very good, and how good they are, we will guide you in detail below ^^!
Note: Daily Quest will reset every day at 0:00p

 5. Hoe the land (every action will be deducted 2 mana)

To hoe the land, we look at the toolbar corresponding to the keyboard numbers. Stand in the land box where we want to dig, select the tool “Hoe the land”and left click

 6. Buy items

To buy items (seeds, food) farmers go to NPX Kevin's Shop.
Go to the NPC and right-click to enter the shop, choose to buy items and then adjust the amount to buy.

7. Planting trees (each action will be deducted 2 energy)

To plant a seed, we need to prepare the seed to plant a plant. After hoeing, farmers can sow seeds and water according to each maturity stage of the tree (it needs to go through 3 stages for the tree to produce products). When the tree matures, the player can harvest the tree for agricultural products
- Stand in the land box you dug, select the seed and left click

 8. Watering trees (each action will be deducted 2 energy)

Plants cannot be without water, so watering can is considered an important role for farmers. Use a watering can to water the plants.
- Stand in the land box where you have planted the tree, there is a watering icon, select the "Watering can" tool and left-click

 9. Harvest (each action will be deducted 2 energy)

After completing the watering stages, our plants are mature and can be harvested.
- Stand in the land box where the crop has come to harvest time, there is a harvest icon and left click

 10. Selling products

After buying seeds and successfully growing finished products, we will go to NPC Kevin's Shop again to sell our finished products to receive $ME and continue to buy and sell. Then we will become rich ^^!
- Go to the NPC and right-click to enter the shop, select the item you want to sell to the NPC, don't forget to adjust the quantity to sell to Kevin's at the same time.

 11. Cut down the tree (each action will be deducted 2 energy)

There is no garden without trees, it will be very entangled if you leave the harvested plants. Please cut down the trees, but we give a little tip to new farmers: don't cut down all the trees when you first enter the game, you should follow the Daily Quest or collect trees to race to the top of Solo Ranking. This will make farmers can climb TOP Solo Rank easily and will get a certain amount of $FAME 
- Tools: tree-cutting ax toolbox
- Stand in the box with the tree, select the tool "axe to cut the tree" and left click
It takes 3 cuts to cut down a tree, you will randomly receive 1-3 logs

 12. Break the rock (each action will be deducted 2 energy)

Like trees, rocks will also be scattered in farmers' gardens, so don't Break all the rocks when you first enter the garden. Farmers remember the tips otherwise it will be a waste of energy.
- Tools: Pickaxe toolbox
- Stand in the box with the stone, select the tool "Pickaxe" and left click

That's the end of part 1, we will guide more tips in the next part, farmers should not skip part 2.


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