1. Farm me news

• Looking back at a past 2022 of Farm Me

• Updates for the Lunar New Year 2023
   - Amazing Race Together
   - New Year outfits - Traditional Ao Dai with 200 different colors
   - Lucky Wheel with Cat Mascot, Fashion & some other items
   - 100% GEM top-up promotion
   - Leaderboard Ranking Elo system updated

• Ranking Week 30
   - Race to the top players with high Elo
   - Race the top players who spin the most Lucky Wheel
   - Top Racing Solo Racing
   - Race to the top of Lucky Number

• Take a look at some key orientations in the Roadmap in 2023

• FAQ & a special small gift to the community

2. Some memorable milestones of Farm Me after experiencing four seasons of Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter

• After looking back on Farm Me's journey of change over the past 1 year, from the time the team started, to the most sublime times. And until there is a market element, Farm Me must follow the story of the market, Game Fi in particular, Block Chain and Crypto in general. In which the Crypto market goes down, there will certainly be a downtrend, but in such a downward process, the Farm Me team as well as the community also recognize it as a remarkable journey. Farm Me has made great efforts in all teams, and the support and companionship of the Farmer buddies - this is a very precious thing - is an unforgettable memory in life.

• Besides the compliments, there are also negative comments about the Farm Me project, because after looking back at the one-year process, Farm Me has recognized the things that have been done, as well as the things that have not been completed well. If there is a chance to do it again, perhaps the team will do better. All of that is the motivation for the Farm Me project to become more and more complete, to continue adding features to sublimate at a positive time of the market.

• This is a summary image of Farm Me last year, there will be things that have been done and have not been done, we will look back.
   - There are 2 times of Alpha test version in October, and 4 times of Beta test version with more than 60,000 registrations, allowing more than 6000 testers to play for free to acknowledge the community's opinions. Simultaneously with that, Farm Me has taken a separate move that is for players to test first, put out in the community and collect comments, then proceed to raise capital. This is also a difference compared to other projects on the market.
   - Farm Me has successfully raised more than $ 3.9 million, when it opened to sell the box, it reached 7000 in the INO
   - IDO and Listing Dex are successful on DODO, SmartPad, FAM Central

• From that time until now, Farm Me has had 5 major updates
  - The first is the Farm Me Beta test
  - Breeding season
  - Fast & Fantasy
  - Amazing Race
  - Mechanism Shop - system for buying and selling in-game items

• With 12 major updates - with more than 40 small updates per week to ensure user experience, this is a milestone recognized by the Farm Me team in recent times.

• There were times when the game was already a Game Fi title with more than 40K+ users in the winter, and in the spring of Crypto's Game Fi when the market receded, the Farm Me team was able to stand and hold the top 1%. The games continue to have large and supported users.

• Currently Farm Me still owns 2000 - 3000 active users per day during the downtrend season, with a traditional game these numbers don't say much, but with a Game Fi, a game is gradually moving themselves to become a game that can compete with traditional games. This is also a desirable number of other Game Fi projects.

• Right now, if we talk about the Game, we will also talk about the Fi game that will come with a financial element. Speaking of Finance, we currently only have FAME tokens on the Aurora platform, but when placed on the Aurora platform, many players said that it is difficult to trade, not easy to manipulate, and also difficult because it is not popular yet. But the community should know that under the backer, NIA and Aurora are products on the NIA platform that are deployed very strongly. When we deploy on that platform, we have the support of our Partners as well as the market, when we stand on that side, we will avoid the stages of BSC market, Finance ban, Farm Me still there is one more step to move to BSC after the market is positive.

• In addition, the Farm Me project is considered a quite successful project with more than 100 strategic partners, more than 100 real strategic partners and developing relationships, especially both International and Vietnamese.

• Especially Farm Me is one of the extremely diligent projects Livestream - it can be said to be top 1, top 2. Farm Me has organized more than 100 AMA events with partners, or organized to talk and exchange with Farmer.

• After looking back on a year that has passed, Farm Me realizes the problems that have not been done is to create a really good community in the downtrend period, but for the current resources and community, Farm Me is natural. Believe in a more active market, it is possible to prepare good steps to be able to explode.

3. New features are updated during the Lunar New Year 2023
Farm Me's important strategies in 2023

• Ao Dai is an outfit designed for the Lunar New Year event in 2023. Ao dai is specially designed with 200 colors. Opened for sale in the in-game Shop. Now you don't have to go to the Market Place to buy and you can buy it directly in the game and dress it up right away.

• Vision of Farm Me

   - Currently there are 2 maps: Forest and Farm, from the Alpha versions, people are probably very familiar with the ingredients, the lands in the Farm map, and Forest is similar. However, in the coming time, because the Map is being divided into 2 regions like that, we will stick to people's habits and aim for those 2 areas, and build features.

      •  About the Forest map: Farm Me will update features that are more about community experience, meet each other and be able to chat with each other, see each other and all games together are placed in the Forest map. Map Forest will end the autism era.

      • About the Farm map: Farm Me will promote buildings and architectures that can be built and create materials that will be used in the Forest, such as weapons, farm tools, ...

• And the first turning point in 2023 is the Amazing Together Edition and all players see each other. It marks a possible milestone towards upcoming multiplayer features.

4. Roapmap 2023


• Increase the experience in the game
Interact, chat & some activities such as mining ore, cutting trees, paving roads, building bridges, exploring forests, ..

• Buildings with common games in the forest are available and will be updated in the game such as Survival
(Lucky Wheel, Lucky Number, Amazing Race, PVP, Dance, Shooting (completed according to schedule in Q4, 2023)

• Building a new factory, new farming tools in the map farm, bee farm status, weaving, dyeing fabrics, sweaters, markets,...
Production activities of bread, dyes, honey, confectionery, ice cream,...
   - Dye color: In the recent Tet fashion sets, as well as later fashion, Farm Me will focus on dyeing colors to have separate outfits.


• Focusing on features related to the Community, can see each other but can't chat with each other, can't make friends, and have no deeper features about the community. In Q2, Farm Me will focus on perfecting these features

• Through games built in the Forest, you will collect Fashion Shards and a certain amount of fashion. When participating in Amazing Race, you can open puzzle pieces to create fashionable clothes.

• Complete Fashion: open a market to exchange gifts from Fashion Shard

• Collect more Fashion Shards through Amazing Race PvP
• Experience development: private chat, make friends, form a guild, visit houses, harvest for yourself & harvest items


• After building houses for making honey, confectionery, ice cream, etc., I will have community-related functions, you can visit each other's houses, harvest for you, steal or harvest stolen. . And there are additional buildings for separate functions such as blacksmithing, plastic and cotton production based on previously harvested materials.

• Building completion, new construction (level 51 -> 75)

• Add population function, NPC production & town dweller & Occupation for NPC in each house

• Fashion: mascot costumes, specially transformed into other characters of NFT

• Create GEM liquidity: trading market and plans to buy back items on the market
Use GEM to participate in PVP confrontation games like Amazing Race to get fame locked

• Updated more fighting games: PvP, Dance


• Update the buildings and materials in the farm (level 76 -> level 100)

• Improve more guild features and guild racing activities, in the guild there will be guild features, the higher the guild level, the more players there will be, hierarchical, hierarchical, top racing, state quests and shop bangs.

• Continue to update attractive and highly experiential games like traditional games
   - In addition to the story of creating some tools to speed up the process of watering, planting, etc., we build the output for the finished product.
   - Features such as fast harvesting, fast building through video playback, or a Free 50% reduction in building time for each person,... and many features are implemented for the convenience of players.

5. Orienting the new transformation of the project, not only in the GameFi segment, but also able to combine the strengths of traditional games & future market trends

As more and more features are developed, it will bring convenience, Gamer has a more interesting and enjoyable feeling when participating in Farm Me.

6. Recently FM has launched a new coin, Gem. I wonder if the conversion rate of FAME to Gem will be fixed or flexible, because the price of FAME coin will fluctuate in the future.

• Regarding the conversion rate of FAME to Gem, it will certainly be flexible. Update FAME price daily, to avoid losing 100 FAME, equivalent to 1$ to get 90 Gem. Later, when the FAME doubles in price, you will only lose 50 FAME.

• On the side of the Farm Me system, the price will be updated daily. If the volatility will only fluctuate for 24 hours

• Gem coins will have an anchor protocol price, and will change the corresponding FAME number each day.

7. Is there a unique fashion creation feature?

Farm Me Team will reveal a little, if only one person has it, it will likely happen in the near future. Most recently, the team will focus on crowd-oriented fashion. Regarding the feature to create unique Fashion items, there will certainly be, but will be in the occasions, the games have special features

8. May I ask why Dev released Gem without continuing to increase the liquidity of FAME coin to raise the price for it, instead of creating more Gems that can be loaded with Fame?

• The creation of Gem coins to create the flexibility of payment gateways like traditional games.

• Gem coin was born, the aim is not to replace FAME coin (FAME coin is still the main token co-admin of Farm Me) but when launching Gem coin - is a transit currency. In addition to owning Gems with FAME coins, you can buy with many things such as Visa, cards, phone cards, ...

• When competing with traditional games, reseale on famous application markets such as Apple Store, Google Play, then we can expand the payment gateway there for the purpose of expanding the player file.

• Gem Dong is created as a transit channel for the flexible creation of payment gateways to increase players. But people can understand that Gems are loaded with FAME coins, actually to own Gem you have to own FAME, and when owning FAME we have a new amount of FAME and in a moment Farm Me will collect back or pushed down, this is how to keep the price of FAME.

• About the price increase needs to depend on the market factor, then there is a large community. To achieve that requires a deep root of having flexible channels to attract players in. Next is having a good, civilized and developed community, keeping the price of FAME and keeping the price in a positive time of the market.

9. Can I ask if you can turn off Daily ticket sales to Farm Me, do you have any additional earning features to compensate?

• There will be a Gem coin as the common currency, and there will be other cash flows coming from Blockchain through the forms of card top-up, transfer, visa and many other payment channels.

• Earning in the game, will be through a form of market, this general market is not the general market NFT Market, is the market in the game under the auction model. In the form of earn, the mixed token nature of Farm Me is already available. In addition, there will be percentages used to buy back the items being sold on the upcoming game market.

• Instead of doing the task of earning tickets to sell for money, now in addition to getting money, tickets can be used for better purposes such as exchanging items, items and valuable items. And listed on the market in the game to sell and get money.

10. I heard that Tet ao dai needs to be filmed in Lucky Wheel

• In essence, Lucky Wheel is a new feature that will appear in the Tet update.

• Lucky Wheel is a new feature and uses a daily ticket to get items, but besides that, there will be a Free turn every day or using Gem coins, and there will be a function soon which is watching ads to get more spins for more chances of getting the first Ao Dai.

• But spinning in Lucky Wheel will be random color.


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