Time: 20:00 18/11/2022 (UTC+7)

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1. Farm me news

• Review of market situation & events in November

• Updates on Amazing Race Beta & Pre-Order NFT Skateboard Sale

• Take a look at some key orientations in the Roadmap in 2023


2. Amazing Race Beta Release

To describe this Beta version, there are two important things:

• The first is excitement, because this version has more challenges, instead of the old Alpha version, there are only boards and roads, and when racing we only focus on running to the check points, not experiencing what's on the track.
In the Beta version, it created a lot more excitement because there were traps, there are locations that need players to know the map to be able to get used to.

• Next is completeness: the score of the game is much better than the previous Alpha, the racers can notice, on the track there are not only check points but also temptations and traps, traps will have saw blades, spikes and fire, etc. As for the temptation, the rewards coin ME are distributed by Dev and when the player collects it on the race at the end of the race, it will be under personal ownership. This way players can both race and earn more Me.
Beta version is the most complete racing map ever with unexpected twists for gamers to participate in, players will get used to the map over time, and Dev will continue to deploy new maps.

When participating in the race, players will be required to use NFT that has been balanced, when the official version is released, the index is balanced compared to the previous Alpha version, this is almost the final version, but there will be some small adjustments to streamline, more variety of types and stats so that players can race when the race officially starts in a short time.


3. Race registration time, race time, how to participate in the Beta race

• The way to race is quite simple, only changing a few things compared to the previous Alpha version. According to the competition rules, we will have a time loop – a lap.

Step 1. Register
- Each race has a registration period from 0:00 every day to before 20:00
- End of registration time is racing time and start racing every day from 20h00 to 22h00
- To race, players meet NPC CPO Tuan Le to register to participate in the Event. When registering, you need to deposit 1 Racing Card.
  + This Racing Card will be returned to the player via the Mail system at the end of the Event and if the player has participated in at least 1 lap.
  + To determine whether a player participates or not will be calculated according to whether the player uses 1 Racing Card to participate in any race, after starting the race each player will use 1 racing card to race all lap.

• The states in the race will have: finish, only time-based racing, in 10-15 minutes the player completes the race, at the end of the race, the leaderboard will be displayed and the ranking results, see the tables and compare rankings with other competitors in the same table as you.

• When registering to race, the system will automatically arrange 20 people on a table, and the rewards will be more specific.

• Basically there are only 2 steps to register and participate in the race in 2 different time periods. Registration from 00h00 to 19h59 will end registration and 20h will start racing. During the period from 20:00 to 22:00 you will be able to race at any time, if you are not satisfied with the performance you can race again.


4. New bonus pool and criteria to ensure fair competition in the race

• With the launch of Amazing race, Farm me has marked a clear transition for game mechanics, top racing game mechanics and play to earn, the Farmmers are quite tired, now mark the shift of Farm me's gameplay mechanism, in addition to paying tokens through ranking or daily quests to sell, now switches to a model of total reward pool after racing. Pool prizes will come from players who make pool contributions in the race ticket mechanism, each race ticket will cost 100 Fame, and a total of 20 people in a table will get 2000 Fame

• This fund will be divided as follows:
- 10% will be hoarded for weekly or monthly races
- The remaining 75% we will divide the rewards for gamers according to the ranking from the top down, that is, there will be profit and loss gamer, but profit and loss will be temporary, gamer may lose in this game and profit in another game.

• When people only play with ranking, a tree planting or rock breaking table has no excitement because there is no antagonism, but in Amazing race it will be very antagonistic, when losing rank, losing Fame player will race again - race again to contribute to 1 pool, each person races 2 times, the pool is not 2000 Fame but 4000 Fame, the pool will be larger and larger, the reward will be paid to the Gamer.
15% for development fees and token burn: in the token market the less burn, the higher the scarcity, the greater the value, so basically burn the token to solve the worries of ranking players , there is no mechanism, no place to burn or spend money, then the Fame will go down gradually. If FarmMe develops a mechanism to reduce and burn tokens by collecting fees, the Farm me community members will have a chance to contribute to the economy.

• Thus, Gamer is both a player (the profit earned from winning and losing directly in the table) and the creator of FarmMe (through creating a large pool of rewards), attracting new players. Like economic development in a country, we are required to pay taxes - used to build houses, support study promotion, Farm me will be similar, 15% will be used to burn or other reward pool in the game.


5. Amazing Race has built in the skill factors, will the skateboard stats have a big impact on the results?

• In fact in this Amazing race, there is no denying the elimination of the skateboard (board speed) will be one of the 4 important factors to win, the remaining 3 factors are map ability - very important because Each race will start at a different point, followed by the skill of controlling the board, and finally the element of luck, these are the factors that affect the outcome of the player.

• Since it has 4 main elements, there will be cases of using low stat skateboards, thanks to the remaining 3 factors being too good, it will pass the higher stat skateboards.

• The main factor is still speed and skateboards, gamers should consider buying a skateboard that matches their playing skills.


6. If a gamer with a low-grade skateboard is constantly randomly assigned to a group with all genuine skateboard users, the chances of winning won't be high? Does it discourage players?

• This is also the general worry of Gamer when entering the table with too many good players, and of course Farm me will find a solution.

• In the first lap, the table will be completely random because the level of each individual race cannot be distinguished

• Farm Me will re-arrange, there is a ranking table below called ERS: Elo rating system. Every time you race, it will use the rank to calculate the average of the 2nd or 4th rank, after scoring the lap, the race table will rank you in the following races with the same rank, not too different and not affected by skateboard type and skateboard index. If you want to go up to fight the masters, you need to upgrade yourself, skills and skateboards.


7. Some new events in the month of Festival

• 11/15 - Sign up for Skateboards
Get a Skateboard and experience 03 days of Amazing Race Beta (when receiving the board, you will receive a race ticket)

• 11/16 - 11/18 - Amazing Race Beta Experience
Map Amazing Race will be opened at 20:00 every day

• 11/18 - Meet&Greet with CPO Tuan Le
Announcement of in game activities & NFT Skateboard sales programs and some new strategic information about the project

• Nov 19 - Nov 21 - NFT Skateboard Pre-Order Program
Pre-Order products for sale include Skateboard and Package Skateboard Farm Me

• 11/22 - 11/23 Start sending Skateboards of Pre-Order program
Proceed to send NFT Skateboards and items to the wallets of players who have participated in the Pre-Order program

• After 11/23 – The Skateboard Race is officially open
- Pre-order program to show gratitude to players who have been with Farm me so far, the price is expected to be reduced by 40 - 50% compared to the listed price later, For some guilds, or partners, Farm me has also provided discount codes, in addition to this Pre-order offer, which has been deeply reduced, the lowest price is currently $0.99, Farm me wants everyone to have at least A skateboard for yourself, in addition to racing, you can use it to move water, plant trees to avoid boring you.
- The game will be worth from $ 0.99 to $ 49.99, this is a preferential price, and the actual selling price will be doubled later.


8. Pre-Order NFT Skateboard Program

• This time's opening session is different from the previous one in that there will be retail sales, above is the combo that comes with a battery as energy, if during racing or preparing to race, the skateboard runs out of energy and can't be prepared in time, this battery can be used.

• On the evening of November 19, the Pre-order will start to open, there are discount codes, please note and collectthem to get a deeper discount.

• The most favorite type of Farm me board is the FM game, because it has outstanding stats and has typical Farm me textures, and has a limited number of 50 games that will be available for sale during the entire event. Owning a Farm me game will bring you an advantage in the race as well as show your beauty when participating in tournaments.

• Initially, Farm me also planned to sell under 2 options stable coin and Fame, the team has issued a brief to be able to sell 4 options, BSC, Aurora, USDT, due to technical problems, the pre-order item currently only support to buy a board with USDT, according to the entire plan of the team, you will be able to buy boards on both sides, in the future will update again in the following pre orders, and can buy boards with these 2 coins and on 2 networks . But this is also easy for gamers now, because it is difficult to buy on Aurora, so the option can pay with BSC wallet and receive the game at Aurora wallet.


9. Farm Me's upcoming orientation

• As mentioned in the previous part of the livestream, we know that Farm me has completed phase 1 in the process of building a gamer community, phase 1 we will complete play to earn, will do tree planting. raising fish and then participate in activities in the forest such as breaking rocks, cutting trees, and racing to the top so that everyone can earn Fame out, earn tokens out to earn more income.

• Now that Farm me is gradually implementing phase 2, we will go through a new cycle to better match the market, the community, increase game features, players compete directly with players and expect to exploit a large number of players. The first thing Farm me deploys is racing, the reward pool will be created by the player and extracted a fairly large source to organize a weekly and monthly conference, which will depend on the gamer's bonus pool. Pool bonus is one thing, getting ahead of others is highly competitive, how many people to beat and how much to rank is a matter of pride.

• This is the mechanism from now on and after that, in addition to playing ranking or daily tasks and then exiting, it is now interactive with each other, racing mini games in the direction of competition with each other to push up interactivity.

• The new direction is Burn Fame token
- In addition to creating many game modes to increase attractiveness in the form of co-op and PVP, FarmMe will urbanize Land. Instead of planting trees and raising livestock, we will now focus on building, planning infrastructure and developing the economic cycle, thereby stimulating spending, economic growth, and creating value for FAME.
- Farm me will create buildings for you to choose from, for each type of building it will have its own functions, some will increase sales, but there are types that will be specific to game modes. The implementation process will stimulate great spending, because you will spend effort to collect items, the conditions to build, secondly, use the Fame to be able to speed up the construction process. Fame coins will be used a lot, and will be kept to avoid inflation in the market. And when it is scarce, it will be scarce.

• End the promotion with Play To Earn, and the minting of the reward token will be calculated to reduce the supply in the market continuously. Regulate the supply of FAME minted from the game and increase the token value in the near future.


10. The reason why Farm me doesn't list BSC and new experience activities for gamers

• About BSC
- Technically, it's only a little bit more to complete the BSC phase including bridging, brief token on network transfer, brief token of NFTs, followed by listing on BSC-supported exchanges, but the problem here belongs to the market. The current market we have to slow down a bit to hear the situation, last time everyone involved in Crypto knows everything is down, positions are lagging, as well as the companies involved Financial, related to Crypto are also in turn going bankrupt and will not know where to go. From the perspective of Farm me, the project will go from 3 to 5 years, the market factor we will have to calculate in advance and have plans to react to the market.
- The listing of BSC must be a bit certain, the community is scared because it is not clear what the market will be like tomorrow, we should be cautious, we are both game players, we are all investors, knowing Risk management, higher win rate. Therefore, the listing of BSC at this time will be paused for more information

• In parallel with the listing of BSC, the game is still developed. Here are some upcoming game modes that Farm me will update for you:
- Launch of Amazing Racing Co-op
In this version, gamers can satisfy their passion to race directly with each other and at the same time launch interactive features that increase the excitement of the race.
- LeaderBoard : Hall of Fame
Farm Me's Hall of Fame is the place to honor the top accounts of the Farm Me game: Top Rich, Top Landlords, Top Level, Top Rank, Top Racing Racing... top most traps, slowest top, etc

• The leaderboard will be shown in the game and continuously updated

• Land upgrade
- Upgrade the items of houses and cages with the interface, currently the player is most annoyed because the path between the stables is quite narrow, can not experience the viewing angle, or the color, or the beautiful graphics of Farm me, Because the cage was too big, it was removed. Upgrade the barn to be more compact and impressive towards land urbanization.|
- FarmMe too, ended the period of cultivation and husbandry and turned to construction, infrastructure planning and production development to serve the urban economy. Fame is no longer used only for farming.
- Going into production will create many products, trade, stimulate spending, shopping and those are mechanisms that burn fame in the market, bringing the economy in the game up.
- The next time will update the feature to improve the barn, and later there will be the feature of rotating the barn.


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