Livestream: SMALL TALK with Tuan Le
Time: 20:00 on September 30, 2022 (UTC+7)
Link to watch here


1. Farm Me's news

• Launching a new version of IOS and Free to play
   - Free 2 play version was released with IOS version as a hidden feature, waiting for players to discover

• Launch of Amazing Race and Skateboard

•  F2P version is released to increase the number of Gamers of Farm me

• Launching Job Platform:
   - Farm Me Ambassador video creation event

• Amazing Race Alpha version 1 & 2

• 4th Quarter Roadmap


2. Release of iOS version

• Recently, Farm Me team started to release the IOS version in the last days of September, before the time to release the IOS version. Starting immediately with the information of typhoon NORU, during the time when players find a safe place, they can experience the game Farm me - Farm me team decided to release IOS and Free2play versions at the end of September.

• Just before Noru's storm and calmed the storm of Farmer players' hearts recently, up to 70% of the Farmer rate used IOS, Farm me launched an IOS version so that Farmer could be flexible with the time. gaming.

• The IOS version has been programmed for a while, but to ensure good performance, in late September, Farm me has put a testflight version – the experience version but has been run on the production system – the user. Players can use their own account to play the game. Through the testflight Farm me version, two directions have been proposed, the first is for players to experience the game and the next is to receive feedback from the community before releasing the official version on the Appstore.


3. Release of F2P version

• Last time when launching the IOS version, there was a surprise for the community which is the hidden F2P feature waiting for users to discover. The plan to launch the IOS version is in the population growth roadmap of Farm me. In Social city, the more the population will grow faster, so the Farm me team has launched the F2P version with IOS as a gift exclusively for Farm me to double the fun in the last days of September.

• With the current IOS version, all Farmer can join and play the game with the same basic features as previous fi game versions, and there will be some restricted game features as follows:
   -The F2P version is called the Non-NFT version, no need to spend money to buy NFT to play, when entering the game by default, you will own a pair of Hero Land, but this focus on Relax to play is Expanding features for entertainment – ​​not focusing on Earn features, the goal is to grow the population for Farm me.
   - This goal is built so that next quarter's roadmap development will develop in terms of City, players can communicate and interact with each other
   - However, Farm me will have many-generation Farms, initially, there will be first-generation Farmers and there will be next-generation Farm me, but early Farmers will always have the advantage of gameplay. in the events of the Social City section. About the specific advantages, how specifically, what advantages, and how to play to be fair to the next player will be shared in the next live sessions, Wiki documents, and other guidance documents when the feature starts out.


4. Farm Me Ambassador Star

• Ambassador is a new Job on Farm me's Job platform, but the Job Platform is not just between players and players, Farm Me team has decided to add a Job type of Ambassador to the Job platform to the community. The contract can perform the Job that comes from Farm Me.
   - Joining Ambassador will experience an exciting but stressful feeling every time Live or when playing games and stand as the spokesperson of Farm me – an indescribable feeling, mixed feelings of tension and joy.
   - Contest rules and content of Live Ambassador Farm Me have been sent to the community and are quite complete. However, in terms of the reward structure, it will be quite big, first in terms of cash, Farm will spend gifts in kind and gifts from the cooperation between big brands and partners. Prizes will be announced in the near future.

• In the next live, there will be a notification of the connection between the Partners, each partner will have a play or event in the game or outside the game so that the community can increase income.

• Ambassador contest format
   - Rising start: Produce any video about Farm me content be it a reaction, a game review or a recording of the gameplay and the duration will depend on the cameraman.
   - Farm me Campus: To participate in this Campus event, the community must register for a media channel – Youtube, Farm me will have a Youtube channel exclusively for Partners, you participate, a part will be transferred to people who participate to build content, Livestream. In the process of making this Job, the Farm me team like Marketing, and Creative will support you to build your script, how to shoot, and how to edit.
   - During the participation period, players will be selected to participate in AMA with Farm Me team or AMA offline meeting events with KOLS, KOC that Farm me will announce in the near future.


5. Skateboard is customer-specific for Partners

• About the skateboard event, Tuan Le will update some information in the previous Livestream, there is information about the skateboard event in cooperation with guilds and brands to start releasing the first versions. Before the Farm Me team started to cooperate, the Non–NFT games were the Alpha 1 version of Amazing Racing. In the next versions of the board, the Farm Me team will offer skateboard versions that have been designed specifically for Guild partners and will be sent to partners in a really attractive media partnership package to accompany us.

• Tailor-made skateboards are those that can be called Limited, and that board will show the logo, slogan, or unique feature of the partners making the player recognizable.

• If you are a player of those guilds, then you will want to own that guild's skateboard, firstly about the term of limited, secondly about the pride of the whole team. If players confidently join, I am a member of this guild or another, then this is the type of skateboard that you should own.

• Farm Me team will optimize the price of Limited skateboards, which can give to players as a gift or there will be a reasonable discount when you own them, in addition, there are many benefits that come with owning skateboards. This content is part of the Farm Me cooperation program with Partners and will be announced in the near future.

• Here are some pictures of skateboards that the Farm me team cooperated with a Guild, this board is a 3D version, so you can play the experience in the game.

• With skateboard versions like this, the community can use it for many different operations, the first is to move, next is to travel in Farm Me City to be released in the near future.

• In Farm Me's cooperation program with partners, it will have 2 types of programs. The first is about the selling mechanism with the application of a code, the partners will receive incentives in cash, items, or gifts for members of that Guild. The second is a program to sell in conjunction with the brand's partners, which means that the two parties jointly communicate to open and sell and jointly support the communication.


6. Amazing Race

• Team Farm me has started to release Non–NFT skateboards and a trial version of Amazing Racing for a small number of Gamers or Guild hits for the community to experience and feedback. By recording and absorbing comments as well as making adjustments over the past time about Alpha 1, today Mr. Tuan will share more about Alpha 2's updates.

• With the Amazing racing Alpha 1 version, the most basic feature is buying tickets to race. When racing, you need to go through the light columns, and when you pass all the light columns - checkpoints, you will reach the final destination.
   - By racing achievements with each other when passing through wonders with Asian culture, we have Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower, and Turtle Tower with Asian-style architecture to show this is a Vietnamese game - bringing culture into the game. The race track will be customer-friendly when using the racing board.

• Alpha 2 is being tested for the final steps to bring to players, this version will have a new camera angle that is viewed from the back to be able to easily move while racing suitable on both PC and Mobile. Team Farm Me has provided a nicer effect as well as fuller gameplay, which can be seen when moving through bridges and alleys is very flexible compared to Alpha 1.

• In addition, when listening to the comments of the community, Farm Me team has added a mechanism which is that the shadow of the previous players will be started with the player so that the player does not feel bored when playing alone. You can race with these shadows as racers or go with them to learn, and you have the feeling that someone is participating in the race with you to be less lonely. This is the initial basic skill in the race, in the future will be interacting, racing, and chatting with each other. This is how to deal with the problem of bored players.

• In addition to the updates Mr. Tuan has just given, there are just some additions, now Farm me will do additional small features, the rest will be discovered by players themselves.

• In early October, Alpha 2 will be announced and this time the player set will be expanded compared to the old one.


7. Update Roadmap Q4 - short term

• Recently the market has always had an adjustment, whether it is called a downtrend or not is not sure, but Farm me is a long-term development game, so I am not afraid of an uptrend or downtrend in a short time.

• The release of products on crypto exchanges or communities will slow down, but this is an opportunity for Farm me to develop and perfect the product more - a common difficulty of the fi game market. Successful projects are not projects that grew up in an uptrend but have to be picked up from the adjustment period when the community did not know this game to be successful, it is not mandatory. That's the only way to succeed, but this is the common point of the market.

• Farm me is still in the process of product optimization, instead of in the process of developing a continuous test, Farm me chooses to perfect the skills and then release them so that the community can be more interested, hopefully, our community can be a little patient. Farm me always tries to improve and work every day, there are always teams that listen to Famer on Fb, Telegram, Discord communities, or all channels of media partners, listen to the community and try to follow up the market, constantly giving out AMAs to answer questions for the community.

• In addition to the existing Farm Me communication channels, Farm me is updating one more communication channel to increase the interaction for Gamer, offering an interactive channel to share Farm me's thoughts, moments, or sharing our daily lives and to be deployed on the official channel to post which is known as Dev-life. Farm Me will update information on this website from Farm Me players, the community, and guilds. And a fairly large section of Dev-life which we will upload short videos, interviews, and introductory information of the members. Farm Me team is still operating scientifically and methodically like a real studio, not just a Fi game team and depends on the season

• When the Dev Blog is coming soon, there will be mini-games for the community to increase interaction with the Dev team so you can experience and there will be gifts for the community.

• Roadmap quarter 4
   - Amazing Race Alpha test versions first, then the official version will release after the NFT Skateboard's official sale. And from Farm me, Partners, and Guilds, in addition, there will be a mini-game - named Lucky Number, details will be shared later.
   - And launched Dev-life - Farm me's blog community so that the community can research and comment, register an account to view and save information, it is possible that Farm me will hold Livestreams on those channels.
   - Farm Me team will complete the Multi-chain and launch the new chain in Quarter 4, release the BSC and brief built by Farm me team
   - Detailed information will be revealed specifically in the next live



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