Livestream: SMALL TALK with Tuan Le
Time: 20:00 on August 20, 2022 (UTC+7)
Link to watch here


1. Farm Me's short news

• Status of the Farm me project for investors, Community Game Fi
• Farm me's "warm" plan after a period of "dark winter"
• Launching the Free2Play version to expand the community and attract new players
• Release of iOS version
• New feature account launch
  - New vehicle launch information - Skateboard
  - Preparing to launch the Amazing Race - use the slide card
• Launching work platform:
  - Get jod from Farm house to become Ambassador - become ambassador


2. Farmer's comments and opinions about Farm Me

• Share the skateboard teaser video
• Features of Skateboard: increase movement speed, is a passport to participate in skateboarding
• There are 4 levels of boards with more than 40 types and thousands of different variations.
• Share 5 common parameters of skateboard classes and types
  - Acceleration
  - Speed ​​(speed)
  - Energy (energy)
  - Recovery speed (energy regen)
  - The number of pieces needed to Summon the game


3. The upcoming features

• There are 2 types of boards: Non-NFT and NFT
  - Non-NFT: limited-term boards, using ingame, as gifts, testing new versions, ... will disappear after a period of use (cannot be bought and sold)
  - NFT: is a permanent board owned by Farmer
• Skateboard's energy recovery mechanism: slow charging and use Fame for fast charging (used for NFT board)
• Launch of Amazing Racing - winners will be rewarded with Fame, NFT Shard, Certificate Ticket,...
  - Time to deploy the race: expected early September
  - Race mechanism: buy a ticket to participate in the race, need to use a skateboard to quickly move to a location in the map, collect a list of items in the map and make a list of tasks during the race - can track things your race rank in the Leaderboard
• Implemented a new map designed to match the racing mode - in September
• Team racing, players can chat and see each other


4. Update some new and important features in Q3 - 2022

• Improve user interoperability and launch Multi-chain (bringing Fame and NFT coins to BSC platform in Farm me community)
• Launching a Free2play model aimed at Non-crypto players, users who just want to play games for the purpose of increasing the number of gamers
• Coming soon, beginner Box packages for new players or old players who want to innovate to fit the environmental and social landscape include:
  - Media box: boards, motorbikes, cars, planes, ..
  - Box new hero class: the combat mission is not simply a farmer anymore, ...
  - New box of tools: gold, iron to develop boxes faster,...


5. Is there anything hot about the skateboard racing event?

• The board racing event includes extremely hot rewards:
  - The first includes top race rewards: Fame bronze, NFT Shard piece, Certificate ticket,.
  - Items picked up on the track will belong to private ownership
  - The more Farmer participates, the more rewards will increase and expand
• Farmer brothers look on the Wiki and Social media to learn more about the rewards and the mechanics of the race


6. Can I upgrade after owning NFT board?

• After the NFT game is born, the stats have not changed, there are 2 mechanisms to update the game stats:
  - Additional items increase but will be limited and not equal to higher level boards
• Later Farm me will launch fusion mechanism - merge 2 - 3 or more low levels to become higher - which is an anti-inflation mechanism NFT and will be applicable to many NFTs


7. Is the skateboard damaged and in need of repair? What is the repair fee? Can heroes lose blood when falling? Buy a Box game and open it at random or maybe on purpose?

• The board does not have a failure definition, only the definition of running out of energy and needing to recharge by waiting for recovery (slow charge) or using fame to recharge (fast charge)
• After the hero hits a hard or hard object on the road, he will fall and shoot, the gamer can pick up the board and continue.
• The box will be different from the previous batch - depending on the different price.
• This time, there are 4 different types of NFT Boxes with different prices, choose the Box form to buy and randomize the variation index of the box form, and the regulations on speed and acceleration energy are already specified, so they cannot be changed.
• Will share more details in the next Stream and Wiki videos


8. Dev let me ask at first that the team charged each player to spend 2-3 hours a day, now apart from scanning very hard and new functions, does the dev find it too time consuming?

• When introducing new features, Farm me will consider old features to be designed automatically. For example, if you want to water, you can hire someone to do watering with some in-game items
• When the player is too familiar with the automatic features so that the Farmer can play new features
• Farm me towards the new Farmer episode is the office, students, students can register for Free2play, play just to experience
• Balancing new and old features will have many support mechanisms for Farmer to have time to race or spend more time to race to the top, Farmme will support players without taking too much time

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