Topic: An impressive week of the immersive Farm Me


1. Game updates: Revealing the Mystery NPC

2. Launch of MARKETPLACE and update of transfer fee and claim fee

3. What to expect at Job Platform


1. Game updates: Revealing the Mystery NPC

Right now, you can download the new update on both PC and Mobile on the Farm Me website. Updates:

- About Gameplay:

+ Update more level 4.5 of the barn
+ Added 2 new pets: Pig and Goose
+ Backpack: Displays a mini pop up describing the item when tabs on an item in the backpack, this is part of an upcoming Tutorial to make it easier for gamers to play.
After updating the Breeding feature, in Solo Ranking, the method of calculating total assets will be slightly changed. In the past, your total assets only included $ME, the seeds in your backpack, the plants on the land and the number of bridges you built. After launching Breeding, how to calculate your assets will become more complicated, directly affecting whether you are eligible to participate in that Solo Ranking race or not.

- Property value will be added:

+ Total value of Cattle and Poultry with the highest output rate and Common value for LAND
+ Total value of the Barn including initial construction stats + each respective upgrade LV for Land
Example: Level 3 barn, Total value = LV1 barn value + LV2 barn value + LV3 barn value
+ Total value Move the barn in for the Account.

About NPC CPO: From the very beginning, Farm Me Team also gave a roadmap that each member of the team will gradually enter the Farm Me Metaverse with a certain role, especially the favored CPO Tuan Le will appear first. Listening to players' opinions, since the Breeding feature launched, players have to go in and out of the Forest continuously to build a barn, from now on, NPC CPO will appear from 9 am to 15 pm at players farm, help players build cages, buy pets,...

2. Launch of MARKETPLACE and update of transfer fee and claim fee

Marketplace launch time is 21:00 UTC+7 on May 31, 2022, this is the most awaited event by the community in May, completely changing the landscape of NFT Farm Me buying and selling. Previously, when wanting to buy NFT, players had to buy through the 'black market' or through an admin or guild; if not carefully researched, players could completely lose their property by scam.

After the launch of Marketplace, where players can trade and exchange legally and much easier, suitable for the needs of both buyers and sellers. In addition, this is also one of the mechanisms to pump $FAME less through fees, but in order for players to have time to get used to the new feature, the fee deduction time will be moved to Jun 3,2022 to withdraw $FAME with no fees. Minimum amount of $FAME that can be withdrawn: 500 $FAME

Fees are as per the following table:

The Marketplace transaction fee will be 4.5% for each buy and sell transaction, with a minimum fee of 4.5 $USDT into FAME.
In the past, Farm Me has opened the NFT transfer feature, so transactions on the "black market" are also increasingly popular, but also cause risk problems for players' assets, so Farm Me decided to block this feature after the launch of Marketplace. If the player still intentionally tries to transfer NFT outside of the Farm Me system, the NFT may be locked for 72 hours or more.

3. What do you expect from the Job Platform?

According to the official announcement from the community, on June 4, the system will pause for a while to update the Job Platform. This is a turning point for Farm Me after Marketplace. While Marketplace is a place where players can easily access NFT to start playing games for players who have time to join Farm Me, Job Platform will create opportunities for players with no playing time or no capital to generate passive income at Farm Me.

System maintenance time will be from 9am to 24h on June 4, 2022, Job Platform is expected to officially launch shortly after at 0:00 on June 5, 2022. At Job Platform, Farm Me will act as a bridge between owners and tenants.

There are 4 main types of Job:
- Earn ME: Earn the required amount of ME in a certain amount of time.
- Earn Ticket: Earn the required number of Tickets in a certain period of time.
- Up Level: Increases the number of Levels needed for a certain amount of time.
- Ranking: Reach the required Rank from the beginning to the end of the top race.
Earn Me & Race Top will now be released.


1. Will there be a barn destruction feature so that players can calculate the game plan in each stage?

Currently the game has the features of Building a cage and Moving a barn and certainly in the future there will be Demolition. With a limited piece of land, if the player does not have the ability to expand the land, you can destroy the old barn; this will be a necessary feature for players to build a level-based game plan.

2. Does the launch of Job Platform have a policy to help protect the owner's resources?

The rental mechanism at Farm Me is not to completely hand over your account to someone else, but according to the process after you post a recruitment notice, someone enters to register, the two parties must agree and deposit a fee. Once the agreement is complete, the system will automatically send a Sub-Account to the Tenant's Mailbox and is only valid in-game, not using the Marketplace or Job Platform account to interact like the Main Account. And of course all player's NFT assets, including spinning tickets, $FAME,...will still be managed by the Account holder.

Sub-accounts will be revoked after the job is completed or the deadline has passed, which will ensure the transparency of the Job Platform as well as absolute protection of the player's assets.

3. Does Farm Me have any sanctions to handle tenants who do not focus on completing the work but destroy the owner's property?

This was foreseen by Farm Me, so in the terms of the contract signed previously by the owner and tenant, a Deposit between the two parties will be included to ensure fairness.
Or if the tenant, when monitoring the work through the activity history, feels that the hired person is not focused on the work, and shows signs of sabotage, they can rate Farm Me.
In addition, after a while after stabilizing all the features, Farm Me is expected to launch a Treasure Chest exclusively for owners to be able to store valuable items of the Account before hiring someone to work for your own at Job Platform.



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