Chat channel

There are 4 chat channels: All, Nearby, Systems and Bubble

- Chat All: is the total chat channel, displaying all chat content

Nearby: Personal chat or in-range chat channel

- Systems: Notification channel
  • Notifications of the content system will have text running in the center of the screen
  • In addition, there will be features, event opening hours, ... will be updated
  • Available in 2 color formats with chat systems:
    - Tips channel is light green
    - Notification channel is red
  • Basic icons added such as smileys face
  • Each icon is counted as 1 character

- Bubble: Character's chat, will be displayed on the character's head
  • Bubble with transparent appears up to 128 characters
  • Has a duration of 2 seconds then fades away

*Note: The displayed colors do not matter

There are 2 color types with chat systems

  • Light Green: Tips
  • Red: notification of the system

- Syntax is applied in the text ":_syntax" for each icon (1 icon is counted as 1 character)

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