1. New event: The Rising of the EXP

• Start time: 00:00:00 on July 21th, 2022
   End time: 23:59:59 on July 27th, 2022

• Event content: During the event, players who complete the Daily Quest will accumulate points to reward more EXP
- Each Daily Quest completed will get 1 cumulative point
- Use accumulated points to claim rewards:

Even MissionName RewardAmount Reward
Gain 1 accumulated pointEXP54
Gain 3 accumulated pointsEXP72
Gain 7 accumulated pointsEXP128
Gain 9 accumulated pointsEXP166
Gain 12 accumulated pointsEXP188
Gain 14 accumulated pointsEXP256
Gain 18 accumulated pointsEXP312
Gain 22 accumulated pointsEXP480
Gain 27 accumulated pointsEXP660
Gain 31 accumulated pointsEXP720
Gain 36 accumulated pointsEXP960
Gain 40 accumulated pointsEXP1280
Gain 45 accumulated pointsEXP1920
Gain 54 accumulated pointsEXP2560
Gain 63 accumulated pointsEXP4800

- After meeting the conditions of the above missions, players can find NPC CPO Tuan Le to receive gifts.


2. New feature: Time Merchant

Time Merchant is a mystery old man wandering in the Forest, carrying many mysterious items for trade. Farmers can bring material you can get to exchange items from Time Merchant.

• Start time: From July 21, 2022

• Please note that:
- NPC Charles will only appear in the Forest area next to the river, and every 6 hours NPC will change standing position once.
- The number of redeemable items will be limited and the number of uses will be random.
- Time Merchant is divided into 2 types of Shop:

Name ShopItemsOpening dayRenew time
CopperCooper toolsMonday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday00:00 (UTC+7) on Monday, Friday
SilverSilver toolsWednesday and Thursday00:00 (UTC+7) on Wednesday

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