From this September, Farm Me seeks new, young and energetic faces to the land of Nine Clouds and becomes Shooting Star - bright stars at Farm Me Galaxy. With the guide Tuan Le Idol, you will complete each stage with the set tasks to get the title "Ambassador of the new generation" and conquer the gifts and ultimate glory.



Create a private playground for gamers who love, passionate about playing Farm Me games. Connect gamer community - oldbie & newbie; Open a new era of farmers - play, experience, relax, add income, bring personality color in your own farm.



All players are living, studying & working in Vietnam & abroad, regardless of age, occupation. Who are they?
• Playing Farm Me game: gamer loves Farm Me game & wants to earn extra income
• Under Guild: players who belong to the group of partners, guilds in the Farm Me community
• KOL, KOC: a group of influential people in the market in any field, with a fan base on social networking sites (owning 1000 followers or more)


Register to participate & submit entries here

Participation rules:

Round 1: Rising Star

Step 1: Produce any video about Farm Me, be it a reaction, a game review or a recording of the playing process, according to the length of your choice
• From 3 - 5 minutes
• From 5 - 15 minutes
• From 15 - 30 minutes
Step 2: Submit the video to Farm Me's GG Form
Step 3: Perform tasks to accumulate bonus points (Details in How to calculate bonus points)

• Depending on the length of the video produced, participants will receive different reward points
• Unlimited number of video entries
• Video usage rights: Farm Me can re-up the participant's products on the project's official media channels & community channels



How to accurate points

Includes 07 diverse scoring criteria, increasing the chances of winning for active creators

Video lengthFrom 3-5 minutes: accumulate 5 points
From 5 to 15 minutes: accumulate 15 points
From 15 - 30 minutes: accumulate 30 points
Community interaction1 like / reaction = 1 point
1 share = 1 point
1 comment = 1 point
Hope StarFarm Me's KOLs and KOCs will vote to drop stars of hope for their favorite videos.
Each star = 10 bonus points
Discord RulerEvery time you post a video to the Discord room = 1 point
Check-in videos on Farm Me's Community Group channel1 video upload = 1 point
Change new clothes1 turn to change the program avatar frame = 1 point
Responding to the news1 share of event post = 1 point
1 comment below the post = 1 point
1 check-in to Farm Me fanpage = 1 point


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